Drug and Alcohol Testing Forms

Which Forms Do I Have to Use?

For any DOT drug and alcohol testing, you need to use the proper forms. Included below is a list of the necessary forms for DOT drug and alcohol testing programs. For non-DOT drug and alcohol tests, you may use non-DOT forms provided by laboratories, drug and alcohol form vendors, or receive free forms through KGA when bundled with our services. To get set up with drug and alcohol collection services contact us, and we will provide you everything you need for your drug and alcohol testing program.

In order to conduct a DOT alcohol test regardless of agency, you need to use the DOT Alcohol Testing Form (ATF). This form consists of 3 copies:

The only drug testing form allowed to be used for DOT regulated tests is the DOT Custody and Control Form (CCF). This form consists of 5 carbon copies:

On April 13, 2015, the DOT expanded the definition of the CCF to encompass an electronic version known as the eCCF.

To get set up with a comprehensive testing program, including being connected to collection sites nationwide contact us.