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About Ken George Associates

Ken George, Owner

Ken George has been assisting companies of all sizes in hands-on implementation and management of drug and alcohol programs since 1988. During that time, he personally and successfully addressed client situations where levels of employee illegal drug use have been at 70% to 80%.

Ken's experience includes addressing drug and alcohol issues and providing services in industries such as: trucking, marine, manufacturing, food processing, aircraft maintenance, construction, fishing, shipyard, and fuel delivery. The size of his client companies range from ten or less employees to clients with over 1,500 employees.

Ken's programs have been audited and accepted by the Federal Highway Administration, United States Coast Guard, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Almost every program created and managed by Ken George Associates exceeds and surpasses the elements set forth by the United States Department of Transportation in their drug-free workplace regulations.

Prior to Ken's work in business, he worked as a Special Agent for a narcotics task force serving San Mateo County, California. There, he was involved in hundreds of drug-related investigations, several of which included managing operations using undercover operatives to identify employees selling illegal drugs to fellow employees. His experience ranged from investigating street-level dealers and users to investigating high-level traffickers.

One area of expertise Ken developed and subsequently trained fellow officers in was the ability to identify and prosecute persons for being under the influence of illegal drugs. Ken has been qualified as an expert in the courts of California and provided expert witness testimony in areas of use, sales, and being under the influence of illegal drugs.

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